In collaboration with Proptech Collective, the Collective for Advancement of Connected Buildings (CACB) is launching the Climate Change in Canada webinar series focused on identifying pathways to expedite Canada’s transition to Net Zero by coupling power, building and transportation decarbonization at a building/community level. This session will explore the relationship between energy, GHG reductions, and the building segment.

The topics that this session will explore include:

  1. How is Canada doing on climate change goals?
  2. What roles does the energy sector hold in decarbonization?
  3. How can the building and PropTech sectors contribute innovative solutions to the problem?


Aleck Dadson, Senior Advisor, Energy & Utilities at StrategyCorp (former Chief Operating Officer of the Ontario Energy Board)

Olta Cibuku, Sr. Director Strategy and Head of Sustainability at Amp Energy

The exchange will highlight progressive solutions around urban energy supply and demand, infrastructure challenges, distribution, generation, utilization, and sustainability.

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