Oakville, Ontario – Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Todd Smith, along with Lesley Gallinger, CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) announced funding for three ground-breaking new projects, funded through the province’s Grid Innovation Fund.

Among the projects is Peak Power’s initiative, called “Feeder Level Forecasting and Data Disaggregation for Distributed Energy Resource and Electric Vehicle Identification” which is being co-funded and supported with in-kind expertise by both Oshawa Power and EnerFORGE.

The project will produce three key outcomes aimed at helping utilities across Canada prepare for the low-carbon energy transition, which will be marked by increases in electric vehicles and highly localized energy resources such as battery energy storage and small renewables. The project’s outcomes will include:

  • Providing utilities with guidance on data sharing, privacy and cyber security so that they can confidently move forward with digitally-enabled, “big data” solutions;
  • Creating insights into how and when distributed energy resources are interacting with local distribution grids for electricity;
  • Developing software-based solutions to support utilities in keeping grids optimized and cost-effective in the face of the anticipated new infrastructure.

Ivano Labricciosa, president and CEO of both Oshawa Power and EnerFORGE stated that “We see this project as a milestone for achieving a more democratic, open and cost-effective grid, not only here in Ontario, but across Canada. We’re proud to partner with Peak Power, the OEA’s 2021 Company of the Year, on this initiative, which will continue to position our teams as energy innovators in Ontario’s low carbon economy.”

“The electric grid is going to become the new gas station.” says Imran Noorani, Chief Strategy Officer of Peak Power. “We have to make sure our grid infrastructure is ready for the high adoption of EVs. We are excited to team up with Oshawa Power, EnerFORGE, and the IESO to build a grid that can support a cleaner energy future.”

Peak Power

Peak Power is a Canadian Clean Technology company building AI-powered solutions that make building owners and operators part of the clean energy transition. Working with real estate, energy, and transportation partners, Peak Power transforms buildings and industrial facilities from static energy consumers into dynamic, two-way grid resources that generate revenue. Climate contributors become climate solution providers – and get paid to do so. The company’s technology optimizes commercial buildings through the intelligent management of energy use, energy storage, and EV-grid integration. Peak Power’s solutions are deployed in over 15 million square feet of commercial real estate, controlling 90+ MWh of battery and electric vehicle capacity in Ontario, New York, and California. Peak Power’s clean energy solutions help facility owners and operators prepare for a future that is environmentally and economically sustainable.

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation

Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation is a wholly owned company of the great City of Oshawa. The Oshawa Power group of companies is comprised of  Oshawa Power, the provincially regulated utility company distributing power to the city of Oshawa, EnerFORGE, a province-wide independent power producer with notable partners that include the Toronto Zoo and Canada’s largest social housing provider, and Durham Broadband, a regional high-speed internet service provider serving the communities of Durham Region.

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