Peak Power is proud to be named the Company of the Year by the Ontario Energy Association (OEA) at their 2021 Energy Awards. OEA works on Ontario’s energy policy development directly with governments, energy regulators, and industry professionals to tackle pressing and long-term energy issues facing Ontario. The OEA developed the Energy Awards to recognize OEA members such as Peak Power for their outstanding achievements in the Ontario energy sector over the past year. We are honoured to receive the 2021 Company of the Year award among other OEA members delivering outstanding energy solutions for our community.

Since 2015, Peak Power has been on a mission to build solutions for the clean energy future. Each year has welcomed new challenges and opportunities to continue delivering on our mission. 2021 challenged the global community to face a pandemic while still taking on climate change and other energy priorities.

As a company, our 2021 outlook was unpredictable. Yet we adapted and collaborated with our energy partners to turn 2021 into a year marked by progress. We doubled in size and continued to grow thanks to our team of passionate and dedicated innovators who rise to every challenge. I can’t stress enough how diversity, equity, and inclusion have been the key to our success. I believe this is was what allowed us to navigate the pandemic with flexibility and creativity.

Peak is at the cutting edge of energy transformation, and consistently pushes the envelope for what the sector can do, including optimizing building-sited batteries, grid-interactive buildings, and bi-directional electric vehicles (EVs). And while our teams have done incredible work to make 2021 a success, we owe our progress to our partner organizations as well. In Ontario, we are grateful to be active members of the OEA, an organization that has continuously provided an environment for growth, opportunity, and collaboration. Peak Power believes that every building can have a positive impact on its occupants and the planet while simultaneously generating revenue. Together with OEA, we are working to build a stronger energy future for Ontario.

Thank you to the team at Peak Power, the OEA, and our partners who helped elevate our work in 2021 that led us to be named the OEA Company of the Year.

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