The battery is located behind the manufacturing site’s retail meter with San Diego & Gas Electric so it can provide energy services for the facility like demand charge management and time-of-day rate shifting. It’s also equipped with a CAISO meter and RIG so it can be an energy resource for the California grid. The Project was partially funded through the State’s Self - Generation Incentive Program. Diamond Generating LLC’s affiliate company, Boston Energy Trading & Marketing, is the scheduling coordinator for the Project.

Background Background


The project has been able to provide energy cost savings for the facility and resiliency to the electricity grid. The results below reflect lifetime customer savings and emissions avoided as of 2021.

Results Results

Energy Cost Savings

$ 394,105

Emissions Reduced

6,048 tCO2e

Capacity Size

1000 kW / 4000 kWh


Q1 2019




San Diego, California, USA

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